Who Do You Pray For?

Who Do You Pray For?

Prayer is a very special communication we have with The Lord of the universe. It’s our own personal way we can talk to Him and cry out to Him. It is important to pray about the things that are close to your heart. Don’t feel nervous, think about it as talking to a friend. However, you should have a special reverence for that special time with The Lord and seek His heart in what you do and what you pray for.

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I recently heard a sermon when a man said the thing that used to bother him was that the Christians in the church seemed to be praying harder for the saints (the elderly in the church who would be in the hospital at the time) than those who were lost and didn’t know the name of The Lord. He reflected that he doesn’t remember anyone praying for those who were lost. They prayed for some children who had been acting out, but that was the extent of their prayer for those who weren’t pursuing Christ. The way he phrased it during his sermon was that the Christians in the church were more focused on keeping the saints from entering Heaven (dying) than they were from helping the sinners find Christ and get into Heaven. Don’t get me wrong, it is great to pray for others.

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Ephesians 6:18 Pray in the Spirit at all times with all kinds of prayers, asking for everything you need. To do this you must always be ready and never give up. Always pray for all God’s people.

It is important to pray for everyone that you feel the desire or call to, but please realize that you should also pray for the unbelievers. Pray for the lost.

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