Why do you go to Church?

Why do you go to Church?

It’s easy to say that you go to church to learn more about God, but that is such a stereotypical church answer. That honestly might be true, but there is so much more to it than that. There’s many reasons to go to church, but it is so easy to miss out on them or get wrapped up in everything else. Let’s see if you’ve ever gone to church for one of these reasons:

  • My parent’s will be upset if I don’t go.
  • There’s a cute boy/girl there that I want to see or impress.
  • All my friends go.

None of those are inherently bad depending on how you look at them. It’s great if your parents go to church and want the same for you, but if that’s the main reason you’re going to church, YOU’RE MISSING OUT on so much more. If you have found yourself crushing on a cute boy/girl at church, maybe they are Christians and maybe going to church will impress them, but that’s NOT the same as actively wanting to go to church to fellowship with believers and learn more about God. If all your friends go, once again that is great that you have Christian friends you hang out with and talk to, but if your purpose of going to church is to socialize, YOU ARE MISSING OUT on so much more.
The only organization Jesus ever started was the local church. If that doesn’t pump you up to go to church, I’m not really sure what will. Jesus, The Son of God, created the local church for people to go learn more about Him and fellowship with other believers. There is a community in the church. There is friendship in a church. There is healing in the church. There is prayer in church. But the church isn’t simply a building, it’s wherever Christians gather together. You can go to church every Wednesday night and Sunday morning, but that won’t make you a Christian any more than standing in a garage will make you a car. It’s crazy to think that simply going to church will make you a Christian. That’s not how this works.
Going to church is a great thing and a great resource, but it shouldn’t be the only time you hear the Gospel. It shouldn’t be the only time you open your Bible. I have heard it put this way, “Hearing a sermon on Sunday (or whatever day) shouldn’t be your meal for the week, but should instead be the dessert at the end of the week.”

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